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Cambridge Town and Gown 10k Sunday 22 October 2017

The 6th Cambridge Town and Gown 10k, organised by Muscular Dystrophy UK, will take place on Sunday 22 October 2017. We are hoping to raise £70,000 for the charity through this event.

As in previous years, the race will be a closed road event. It will start on Victoria Avenue and loop around the City Centre passing through Jesus Green and following the River Cam, before heading back to Victoria Avenue and the finish line in Midsummer Common. In order to make the event a real success, we are closing the roads mentioned in the table below and these road restrictions will be managed by Traffic Management Services (Retford) Ltd. To reduce disruption the majority of the roads will be on a rolling closure system, whereby they are re-opened after the last runner has passed. The only exceptions to this are Victoria Avenue and Maids Causeway.

Road closures will start to come into force from 8.00am and remain in operation until 12.00pm, however you will notice infrastructure going in from as early as 6am. We will try and keep affected roads open for as long as possible prior to the race starting and open them as quickly as we are able to, once it is safe to do so.



Cambridge Town and Gown 10k


06:00 to 12:00

22 October 2017


Victoria Avenue, Newmarket Rd, Riverside, Walnut Tree Avenue, Maids Causeway, Jesus Lane, Park Parade, Bridge Street, Trinity Street, Kings Parade, Silver Street, Queens Road, Northampton Street, Chesterton Road, Magdalene Street, Footpath 11 (to Stourbridge Common)


Riverside: We will be flyering all cars in the vicinity of the entrance to Stourbridge Common on Sunday 22 October to inform users that there will be no vehicle movement from 10am until 11:30am, to facilitate the race using this footpath. If you park your car here overnight we politely request that this is either moved before 10am or expect delays whilst the race is in progress

Northampton Street: West bound to Queens Lane. North side of street suspended.

Queens Road: Southbound to junction of Silver Street. Pay and display bays suspended.

Kings Parade: Loading bays and disabled bay suspended

Jesus Lane: East bound from Bridge Street to roundabout at the bottom of Victoria Avenue. Pay and Display bays suspended.

Maids Causeway: East bound (North side of Road) from the roundabout at the bottom of Victoria Avenue to Newmarket Road

Newmarket Road: East bound (North side of Road) from Maids Causeway  to Elizabeth Way Roundabout


Victoria Avenue will be fully closed. To cross the River Cam use Elizabeth Way via Milton Road (North) or East Road (South)

For Northampton Street and Queens Road:

Instead of using Chesterton Rd, Northampton St and Queens Road follow diversion route westbound (Eastbound remains open)

Milton Road -> Victoria Road -> Huntingdon Road -> Shelley Row -> Lady Margret Road -> Madingley Road - Grange Road - Sidgewick Avenue

Instead of using Maids Causeway and Newmarket Road Eastbound follow diversion route (westbound remains open):

Via Short Street -> Emmanuel Road -> Parker Street -> Parkside -> East Road

Other roads acting as diversion routes on the day:

Newham Road / Barton Road


Key information to note when planning your journey:

  • Victoria Avenue will be closed from 07:30 – 12:00.
  • Chesterton Road and Queens Street westbound carriageway will be closed from 07:30 until 10:30. Roads exiting onto Chesterton Road from the north will only be able to turn left and travel eastbound during this time.
  • Jesus Lane eastbound will be closed from 08:00 and re-opened once the last runner has passed this area. Jesus Lane westbound will be open throughout the race, however please be prepared for delays.
  • There will be constant access to Thompson Lane/New Parks street area throughout the race, however do expect some delays.
  • You will be able to access Magdalene Street from Northampton Street and Castle Street until 10.00am and then once the race has started, we will try our best to let cars exit and enter the road until 10.20am when cars can exit freely via Castle Street and turn right onto Chesterton Road. Please expect some delays, we will try our best to let cars exit and enter the road between this time when it is safe to do so.
  • The eastbound carriageway on Maids Causeway will be closed for this event, meaning you will only be able to travel westbound when entering this street.

On race day, to assist vehicle movements, the bus gate enforced by the ANPR camera on Emmanuel Road will be suspended while the diversion signs are in place.

We appreciate that this may cause some inconvenience to residents, colleges and businesses on the day, for which we apologise. We will, however, do everything possible to minimise the disruption. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the team on the number below.

Event Manager – Town and Gown 10k

0207 803 2884



A note from Cambridgeshire County Council regarding street works on Sunday 22 October

Dear Residents,

During this year’s Town and Gown 10K event, Victoria Avenue southbound will remain closed for longer than the duration of the event. The additional closure time is to allow Cambridge University to lay some cabling across the carriageway at the northern end of Victoria Avenue. The collaborative work between Muscular Dystrophy (organisers of the Town and Gown 10k), Cambridge University and Cambridgeshire County Council is enabling us to complete both events in one day rather than closing the road separately for each event.

We thank you for your understanding and apologise for the delay in reopening Victoria Avenue on Sunday 22nd October. If you would like any additional information on the closure please contact


Martin Ellwood

Cambridgeshire County Council Event Liaison Officer


Cambridge Town and Gown 2017 10k Route Map




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