Town and Gown 10k Series

Fundraising tips

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Plan out your fundraising activities and let everyone know about your fundraising events well in advance so there is no excuse for non-attendees!

Make it easy for people to sponsor you:

Send  them a link to your online fundraising page, and always have a sponsorship form with you, especially on special occasions.

Tell everyone about it:

Tell all your friends, family, work colleagues, gym buddies about your challenge. If you have a good story, why not get in touch with  your local newspaper and get them to write an article on you. Contact your local fundraising manager/our press office for help and advice in doing this.

Get social and creative with social media:

Update your Facebook status, tweet about your training and fundraising, and upload picture and videos.

Put your money to work:

Send in your sponsorship money as soon as possible so we can put your money to work and help those that are affected by muscle-wasting disease.

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