Town and Gown 10k Series

Fundraising ideas

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At work
  • Caption competition – find a funny picture of a holiday or office party for colleagues to caption, and charge per entry.
  • Raffle a holiday – ask your boss to donate a day’s holiday that can be raffled off.
  • Dress down or Dress up – hold a special dress day at work and ask your colleagues to pay.
  • Swear box – put a swear box in the office and fine those who can’t mind their Ps and Qs.
  • Office Olympics – organise your own version of the Games and compete for office Olympic gold.
  • Sweepstakes – create a vested interest in any local, national or international sporting event, with your own office sweepstake.
  • Cake sale – get baking and sell cakes and biscuits in the office.
  • Food sale - Make a healthy breakfast or brunch for colleagues for a fee.
  • Keep it in the news – if you have a company newsletter or intranet, send in some information about your office fundraising activities and why not send them your story too? They are great places to keep your colleagues informed.
At home 
  • Come dine with us – host a Come dine with us event where your friends pay to take part to discover who is the host with most!
  • At the Movies – invite your friends around for a movie night and charge an entry fee and for popcorn and drinks.
  • Question of Support – host your own quiz night. (Muscular Dystrophy UK can provide resources for these three events above. Call our fundraising hotline on 0300 012 0172 to find out more or visit our website
  • Embargo – why not make your lunch or morning coffee, instead of buying it, and donate the money you save? Equally, you could invite your friends to your house instead of the pub and ask them to donate their beer money.
  • A  day to remember – take advantage of the seasons’ events and hold your own Easter egg hunt, bonfire night or Halloween celebration.
  • BBQ – dust the cobwebs off your BBQ and hold a summer sizzler; charge your friends to enjoy your culinary expertise.
On a budget
  • Go cold turkey - give something up, like chocolates or shaving, and use the savings to raise a little extra.
  • The multi-tasker – if you can, why not walk to work? You can get fit and donate the money you save on travel.
  • Smartie pants – give your friends and family a tube of Smarties and once it’s empty, invite them to fill it with £1 coins. Each tube could hold £27!
  • Clean up – offer a car wash service in your neighbourhood, or for your friends and family.
  • It’s in the bag – ask your local supermarket if you can bag people’s shopping in return for a donation.
  • A true Picasso – use your artistic skills with a spot of face painting.
  • Presents galore – if  it’s your birthday coming up, suggest that friends or family sponsor you instead of giving you presents.
  • Match funding - Boost your fundraising by asking your employer if they will match your funds.


With children
  • Dress up at school as a princess or pirate: fancy dress is always a favourite.
  • Silence is golden – get a bit of peace and quiet; challenge the children to a sponsored silence at school.
  • Pupils vs teachers – hold a quiz or a football match and see who really is boss!

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